Our Story

In 2018, Justin, Eric, Chris and another friend had decided to start a cover band project
spanning across many decades. The thought was to cover songs from the 1970s through the early
2000s. They had been working hard at practice for two years and were ready to start searching
out venues to perform at. 2020, we all know that year; the pandemic hit the country worldwide;
shutting down the bars and music venues. They continued to practice throughout the pandemic as
things were starting to look up. Restrictions started to lift and lights on the stages began to
illuminate once again.
2022, the band was ready, or so they had thought. The group was looking to add a
secondary male vocalist to perform harmonies and sing additional songs. This would allow more
of a variety having a male and a female vocalist. Eric had gone onto Facebook and put out an
advertisement on the one of the New Hampshire Musician Forums. The post was added the same
day that Tyler joined that same forum in search of joining a cover band fitting the criteria. Tyler
scheduled a time to audition for the role and meet with the rest of the band. Tyler said “I was
really nervous, I had only jammed with friends before and had never really played in a band that
was practicing to play out for people.” There had been some others that auditioned for the role as
well, but none fit the criteria as well as Tyler did. The band reached back out to Tyler to let him
know the good news! Shortly after, the band faced a small setback. The lead vocalist stepped
down and could no longer commit the time to Nostalgia Lane. The rest of the band was unsure
where to go from there; Tyler was still brand new to the band and was only expected to fill the
role of a secondary vocalist. Tyler said “If you all think I have the chops to fulfill the role of lead
vocalist, I am all in for it.” Just like that, the voice of Nostalgia Lane was chosen.
There are many “tribute” and “cover” bands out there playing the bars and music circuits,
but Nostalgia Lane wanted to set themselves apart from the rest. Tyler, Justin, Eric and Chris sat
down for many hours, sifting through so many amazing songs of the 90s and 2000s.
Strategically, they wanted to create a unique show for everyone to sing and dance too. With
songs from those decades that were not on the set lists of other bands playing at those same
venues. After weeks of sifting through, they found their sound, and they figured out the “cover”
songs that would make their show extraordinary! From rock, to pop, to reggae and even dance;
they have blended a mix of music that you might find on your iPod. They play songs by Red Hot
Chili Peppers, The Calling, Sublime, The All American Rejects, Bowling For Soup, Walk The
Moon, Blink-182, Audioslave, Matchbox Twenty, The Goo Goo Dolls, Incubus, Green Day,
Finger Eleven, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Kings of Leon and so many more. If you have been to
one of their shows, they put on a great performance. They have performed at:
-The Goat (Manchester, NH)
-Wally’s (Hampton, NH)
-The Shaskeen (Manchester, NH)
-Area 23 (Concord, NH)
And are expanding to more venues in 2024.
They love to interact with the crowd by singing and dancing along with them. They also
have FREE Nostalgia Lane Stickers they give out to everyone. In addition, they have Nostalgia
Lane merchandise they sell at all of their shows! “We all have full-time jobs, and understand
some of the frustrations of working all week on top of your navigation through life. Most people
love listening to music and we are in agreement that music is a form of therapy. We wanted to
play music that people our age can enjoy. You can go anywhere really to catch a cover band
playing the typical 60s through 80s covers; we wanted to be the new aged cover variety band;
playing the top 100 of the 90s and 2000s.” Tyler mentioned. And that is exactly what they did.
“Yes, the band gets paid for performing shows, but we don’t take any of it. We have invested a lot
of personal time and money into Nostalgia Lane. Any money we received for performing a show
goes right back into the band. We are fortunate enough that we get paid for performing, but we
just want to play for people’s enjoyment and put on a show that people will remember and want
to come back to. We want to spread the enjoyment of a good time through the music you grew up
listening to; the music you had on your iPod. Any tips or donations go toward the purchasing of
more merchandise, stickers to give out and equipment upgrades. We are so thankful for all the
support ; we were able to save up enough money to purchase our dream audio instrument cluster.
This will allow us to provide the venue with the state of the art sound and equipment to give the
best show possible.” If you have attended one of their shows, that is exactly what they are doing;
you can see in photos and videos that Nostalgia Lane keeps the crowd entertained throughout
their entire performance. The crowd or “fan following” of Nostalgia Lane are known as:
“Nostalgia Nation”. The “Nostalgia Nation” continues to grow with each show and their name is
getting around. We spoke with Clint Tone, the Front of House Audio Engineer for The Goat in
Manchester, NH and this is what he had to say to them. “This might only be your third show, but
see where you guys are at on your thirtieth show, see how much you have improved along with
your audience. You guys have a very unique formula in creating your sets; I have been doing
front of house (FOH) for over twenty years and I believe you guys might be slightly ahead of
your time. Keep doing what you are doing and the crowd will adapt and love you guys. Great
If you haven’t seen a Nostalgia Lane show, it is one to check out! They put on a great
show and you will know almost all of the songs they play. They also like hearing from you guys,
so check out one of the shows and let them know what you thought of the show and if you have
any recommendations. They listen and are always looking for new songs to swap in and out of
the set lists.